Because of the current situation regarding the Corona/COVID-19 outbreak MTAB is monitoring the situation very closely. We are keeping up to date on the different regulation and development in the countries that we are working. Our business is fully operating, and we keep delivering at our usual high level. The situation is very serious, regulations can affect lead times and some areas can take longer time to access.

We would like to thank all customers, partners and employees for the cooperation in this very unusual situation. We are dedicated to make things work as smooth as possible.

We are specialist in transportation of sensitive and valuable subjects – art, health- and information technology and museum object are part of our everyday work.

MTAB is now looking in to how we can use our resources to be of help in the ways that is needed in the current situation as well as keeping up our usual work.

Without transportations Europe stops. We keep working in the Nordic and throughout Europe.

The borders are open to freight, but crossing can take longer time due to circumstances beyond our control. Please contact us for details about transportations troughout Europe.

What we do to protect our customers and employees
It’s essential that we make sure to have highest standard of safety, when we travel through different countries. We have updated our routines for delivery and pick-ups and all our drivers are updated with information about how to minimize the risks of being infected.

  • No signing will be done, no devices handed over for verifications of delivery.
  • All our vehicles have hand rub and drivers have safety routines.
  • Our drivers minimize contact with others.
  • Our vehicles are cleaned between each route

We have vehicles of different size and types. We have climate control in most of our vehicles and can keep an even 20 degrees C.

We have long and wide experience of transportations all around the world. Europe is our home ground. Freight is still available to get trough to most areas, but we keep up with all news reports and new regulations.

In the Nordic we keep our weekly routes but also deliver on demand just as we always do.

Questions about transportation: Martin Michalsen +47 92 80 00 99 or Andrew McCann (outside the Nordic)

We have warehouses in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Köpenhamn, Horsens, Oslo and Helsingfors. In our warehouses there are possibilities to find solutions for long term as well as short term lease. We also have solutions for 3PL.

We have seen an increasing amount of inquiries about setting up local warehousing to be able to have easy access. Please contact us if you like to find a solution to your situation.

Questions about warehouse Martin Michalsen +47 92 80 00 99

Special competence
We have technicians with long experience of different areas such as installation and configuration of different technical products.

Our art-technicians have great experience of hanging, crating and packing. Our conservator can help with different services as needed.

Questions about technical competence please contact Rolf Svenléen or + 46 7 323 44 99
Questions abut fine-art services please contact Jessica Åhlgren or +46 8 54 600 124